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Eco friendly mint flavoured toothpaste tablets - 60 per pack- Starts at £3.84 per item

Toothpaste is an everyday essential, but more than a billion toothpaste tubes are thrown away every year.

🍃 How do I use a toothpaste tablet?
Place one tablet in your mouth, chew for 5 seconds, and then begin brushing your teeth.

🍃 More Hygienic
Experience a different way to brush your teeth with this sanitary tubeless plastic-free toothpaste - no need to swipe the tube of the toothpaste across the bristles of the toothbrush thus, these toothpaste tablets for brushing teeth make it more hygienic and less messy as you have full control with the tablet that you'll be using compared to squeezable toothpaste.

🍃 Sustainable Toothpaste Tablets with Fluoride
Fluoride is the main ingredient to strengthens the tooth surface and prevents tooth decay and is often left out of pastes. Our chewable toothpaste tablets are more effective than regular toothpaste when it comes to improving your oral health. The magic is in the right formula with 1450ppm of fluoride – not too much or too little

🍃 Vegan Toothpaste Tablets
We focus on the natural, environmentally friendly formula for our toothpaste tablets as it is an everyday essential. It has a mint flavour that gives you fresh breath that leaves your teeth and gums healthy.

🍃 Easy to use and carry
Hand luggage friendly and leak-proof. No need to take a bulky tube of toothpaste.

🍃 Environmental credentials
Our toothpaste tablets come packed in a 100% recyclable paper bag, with 60 natural eco toothpaste fluoride tablets developed by dentists. It contains gentle and effective ingredients to improve dental health.
RRP - £5.99


Wholesale prices:

 Quantity Price Per Item
10 £4.39
20, 30, 40 £4.17
50, 60, 70, 80, 90 £4.06
100 £3.84


Helping you, Helping the Earth!

Customer Reviews

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Andrea Windom
Great product, slow delivery to CA

I created a cheerful holiday label, and gave these to all my colleagues for Christmas! Unfortunately, they took over three weeks to ship from the UK to California, via US PS – my only complaint.

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