"We have to change today - it is what our Earth desperately needs and what our children deserve"

From fighting tooth decay to fighting ecological decay

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"We have to change today - it is what our Earth desperately needs and what our children deserve " - This is what Rajan Sethi said to his lifelong friends Shakir and Nafisa Mughal in 2019 whilst catching up after another long week taking care of patients in their respective dental practices. The 3 friends were experiencing almost daily increased demand for eco- friendly oral health dental products and after some research they discovered the devastating effects the plastic toothbrush was having on our beautiful planet.

"When I learned 4 billion toothbrushes are sent to landfill every year, and over 300 million tonnes of plastic is killing our oceans - I knew we had to be part of the change right away" Shakir says. " We started with bamboo toothbrushes and realised the more we help people care for themselves, the more we could help heal the planet with incredible products, many of which can be created from the waste which is currently thrown away ."

Nafisa states "We are passionate about playing our part in helping the planet heal with the power of wellness and have a vision to create a powerful social movement fuelled by our brand, values and innovation and to create new and useful products people actually need from what was once harmful waste.”

The story continues today as the group pushes forward to "Helping you, Helping the Earth", exactly what our planet and society needs more of right now.

Our Vision

Helping heal the Earth with wellness and to stop plastic reaching the oceans within a generation

What We Do

We sell ethically sourced, biodegradable, environmentally-sustainable and re- purposed products which promote wellness and solve day-to-day problems in our society

Values We Live By

Heal the Earth - Every action we take internally and externally will help heal the Earth and make our society happier.

Serving our customers more than yesterday - How can we care for and serve our clients more? From customer services through to service delivery this is driven by systems to guarantee it.

Wellness for our people - Taking daily action to ensure the wellness of our people.

Being charitable - Dedicated to the cause and healing the Earth with Wellness.


Why our Bamboo Oral Care Range?

Our world is full of plastic, just look around you.

In fact, 300 million tonnes of it and half of it is binned after its first use.

Around 4 billion tooth toothbrushes and 60 million toothpaste tubes are sent to landfill every year.

That’s enough plastic toothbrushes to circle the earth 13 times per year, and enough non-recyclable toothpaste tubes in weight to lift 26 sperm whales.

plastic toothbrush waste
plastic toothbrush at the beach

It takes approximately 400 years for one plastic toothbrush to decompose and in that time they feed our marine life.

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We can make a choice in which types of oral cleaning aids we use. Some are killing the planet, whilst others give us a better alternative.

We hear the argument about using electrical toothbrushes. Eventually these plastic brushes also need replacing, along with the batteries which power them. Both end up in landfill. Batteries leak toxins into the environment, leaking into waterways harming animals and the environment.

You may say it's only a toothbrush.

Let's paint a picture:

There are 7.6 billion people in the world, the world-wide life expectancy is around 70 years and each person would change their toothbrush on average every 3 months.

That's a lot of avoidable toxic waste, bearing its weight on our beautiful world.

We appreciate that unfortunately not everyone has a toothbrush, but the above is to highlight the point. It is our aim, through our charities to try and change this too.

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Use our PURE EARTH essentials products and let us Help you, Help earth.

Use your toothbrush for 3 months, once your toothbrush is worn out, just separate the head containing the bristles from the handle. The handle of your bamboo toothbrush can easily be composted and the bristles go to plastic recycling.

Sustainably produced bamboo is the perfect alternative for plastic. It's the fastest growing plant in the world. It contains naturally-occurring antimicrobial agents, which means there is no need for using fertilisers or pesticides.

A natural toothbrush made from Bamboo is more durable and healthier than a plastic one, stronger and harder than a wooden one, does not splinter, and is biodegradable and compostable along with our packaging. Our bristles are BPA- free Nylon, a non-toxic synthetic polymer, which can also be recycled.