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🍃 What is a Copper Tongue Scraper?
Copper tongue scrapers remove unwanted bacteria and toxins from your tongue, helping to get rid of bad breath and improve your taste sensation. Simply brushing and flossing isn't enough if you want to achieve perfect oral hygiene - which is why dentists recommend the Pure Earth Essentials copper tongue cleaner. 

🍃 How to use a Copper Tongue Scraper
Our copper tongue scraper was designed with thicker handles that provide a firm and comfortable grip, making it easy to keep your tongue clean. The Pure Earth Essentials copper tongue scraper has also been designed with a wide scraping edge that allows you to remove built-up residue in one efficient stroke, while the thick dull edges ensure a smooth experience. 
  • Step 1 - Stand in front of a mirror, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue
  • Step 2 - Rinse your copper tongue scraper under running water and place the curved end (scraping edge) on top of your tongue, starting at the back
  • Step 3 - Lightly scrape the surface of your tongue, working from back to front (always scrape in this direction)
  • Step 4 - You only need to lightly touch your tongue with the copper scraper, bringing it forward towards the tip of your tongue
  • Step 5 - Repeat steps 3 and 4 a couple of times, before rinsing your copper tongue scraper and leaving out to dry before storing in the provided carry bag
🍃 What are the benefits of a Copper Tongue Scraper?
There are many benefits of using a copper tongue scraper to clean your tongue. Not only does it help with fresh breath, it can remove stains and unwanted coatings on your tongue (that you might know even know are there!) Our tongue cleaner / tongue scraper is also made from 100% copper and will last much longer than a plastic tongue cleaning tool, as well as being much better for the planet.
🍃 Is copper good for bad breath?
Copper is known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which makes it an ideal material for any tongue scraper, including the Pure Earth Essentials copper tongue scraper. Copper is also extremely easy to keep clean.
🍃 How do Tongue Scrapers work?
Our copper tongue scraper was designed with thicker handles that provide a firm and comfortable grip, making it easy to keep your tongue clean.
🍃 Flexible and portable
You can easily customise your pure copper tongue cleaner to provide the perfect fit for your mouth. It’s ideal for men and women of all ages that want to improve and maintain oral health. Thanks to its sturdy build and carry bag, you can easily take it with you anywhere you go.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
amanda nash
Excellent quality

Excellent product fabulous service ...everyone needs a tongue scraper ....perhaps create smaller ones so children can get used to using them too!

We think it really does make a huge difference! And a children's sized one is very interesting, thank you for the suggestion!

Great product

Nice looking and sturdy. Would recommend.

Thank you! So happy you noticed the quality!

Lyndsey B
Really impressed!

Was a little hesitant that this would work as I’d gone down a wormhole of youtube and seen so many various varieties of scraper and mixed reviews. I had the feeling of a hair in the back of my throat for days, after trying everything I could think of to clear my throat I went for it and got this. The irritation was gone in seconds, I managed to get really far back without too much of a gag reflex, and my goodness what came out of my ‘clean’ mouth was embarrassingly grim. Now part of my daily routine and my healthy pink tongue and clear throat thanks me for it! Great product :)

haha the wormhole of YouTube, we know the feeling!
So glad you decided to give it a go and that you're enjoying it now. Thank you!

Good quality and good looking tongue cleaner!!

Great looking product. Good packaging. Works really well. Will be buying more from the range. Really good quality.

Thank you, so happy you're enjoying the tongue scraper!

N K Johal
Squeaky Clean Tongue!

After researching various tongue scrapers, I went with this one as it was copper and the reviews on here were really positive. Therefore I was happy I made a good choice. It comes in a lovely bag and you can tell its real copper and good quality.

Thank you, we really appreciate your review! So happy that you're enjoying the tongue scraper

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